The property on St.-Paul-Straße is located in the beautiful Munich district of Ludwigsvorstadt. Due to its proximity to the Theresienwiese, the area surrounding the newly designed project is also referred to as the "Wiesenviertel" (Meadow District). With its noble and villa-like rental and residential buildings, this area is one of the oldest neighborhoods in Munich - and is now enriched by another representative residential property.

The front and rear buildings will be converted into upscale living spaces, creating studios as well as 2-3 room apartments. The existing central building will connect both structures via a front courtyard and garden and will feature "Community Spaces" such as a bar or lounge area indoors. Beyond a high-quality architectural and usage-specific redesign of the interior and exterior areas, the project will set standards in terms of sustainability and energy efficiency. The architecture is being developed by the renowned architectural firm "Baumschlager & Eberle Architekten".
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