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/ About us

Piccola Ma Carina Development GmbH is a residential project development company based and focused on Düsseldorf and Munich. “piccola ma carina” stands for “small but fine” and describes the philosophy and attitude of the company as well as the type of projects developed. The residential construction projects are always in very good locations, with existing buildings of worth preserving, upscale equipment quality and with sizes of up to 5000 square meters of living space.
In addition to high and sustainable construction quality and its own architectural language, the company attaches great importance to direct and cooperative cooperation with all project participants and has a large network of qualified specialists and craft businesses.
The company is managed by Leonie and Paul Hendrik Schneider. Both trained as civil engineers and with many years of experience in developing complex residential construction projects to the highest standard, are both available directly and without detours as contacts over the entire implementation period.

/ Our values


Build personalities

Anyone who reduces houses to a sum of functions often omits what actually makes them stand out in relation to people and their environment. Because as real estate, a house is always firmly connected to the surrounding (urban) landscape. As — in many ways — part of a larger whole. It is experienced from outside and lived from within, preserving history and stories. Untold, outrageous perhaps, but always highly individual.
This consideration requires respect, and dedication from us. It presents us with a responsible task when constructing new buildings as well as revitalizing and upgrading existing buildings, which we accept with pleasure, even passion. We plan and build houses with personality, develop places to live with their own character. In addition to skill, this requires, above all, the courage to take your own stance.

Real estate that inspires action

With our projects, we want to create value that cannot be measured in money alone. Built values that last for generations, that you gladly pass on and accept as an inheritance. Buildings that fit into their urban, rural or landscape environment and soon become a familiar part of life for residents.

Properties that move, touch, inspire with their first impression as well as in the long term with many well-thought-out details. Through quality that you can see and experience every day. We build new houses that last. And give existing people the chance to tell their story in a new and surprising way.


Because we love what we do

We do not understand living spaces as stacked areas with facades. For us, they are built living spaces. In doing so, we see people as the measure of all things and place them at the center of all considerations for a perfectly planned and well-thought-out apartment. Together with the architect, we think through a house from the outside to the inside and from the inside out. There is also a coherent aesthetic concept through shapes, colors and materials. Because beauty is also a function.
We also consider the long-term consequences of our actions. Through proven building materials, structures and craft techniques, we contribute to maintaining building culture without sacrificing the opportunities offered by technological progress. And we live up to our responsibility by choosing materials that are harmless to health and ecology, just as we promote regional economic cycles by hiring craftsmen who are as close as possible.

Become a part of us!

Be spontaneous and proactive. We are looking forward to young talent and support — and therefore to you and your application.

/ Karriere

Initiative application (m/f/d)

Do you come from the real estate industry and have a technical or real estate education? Are you a maker, do you want to get things done and implement them? Do you want to inspire your and our ideas? Would you like to make the most of your talent and constantly deepen and expand your skills? Do you have an understanding of values that is characterized by appreciation for others, openness and a thirst for knowledge? Then send us a meaningful
Apply to:

We are now hiring:

Architect (m/f/d)

About the job offer

In addition to this high and sustainable construction quality and its own architectural language, the company attaches great importance to good, direct and cooperative cooperation within the team and with all project participants.
To plan and implement our own projects, we are now looking for an architect (m/f/d) with an interest in and focus on high-quality and sustainable residential construction.

What to expect:

Your task includes the independent processing of service phases 5-8 HOAI as well as technical coordination in the development of drafts and building applications. Our goal is for you to take on the full range of services on your own responsibility and to build up a small but excellent planning team in our company in the long term.

Who you are:

You want to help shape your environment yourself, have innovative ideas and a clear idea of whether and how they can be implemented. So far, you have completed every work phase of the HOAI at least once and have taken responsibility for your tasks and, if applicable, other employees. You enjoy working in a team, know your “tools” and are curious about every new project, every new experience and the expansion of your hard and soft skills.

What you can expect from us:

We are a small and very powerful, young family company with a clear stance. We develop our projects with passion and high standards in line with our corporate goals and ourselves. Our philosophy and attitude are very important to us, which is why you will find flat hierarchies and strong cooperation instead of corporate structures.

We love flexible, location-independent work and are open to new things and change. Digitalization, effective communication and clearly defined responsibility are a matter of course for us, as is appropriate compensation.

Please send us a detailed application to:

Werkstudent:in (m/w/d) im Bereich Nachhaltigkeit und Zertifizierung

Über das Stellenangebot

Wir suchen dich zum nächstmöglichen Zeitpunkt als engagierter Werkstudent:in im Masterstudium der Fachbereiche Architektur, Bauingenieurwesen, nachhaltiges Bauen oder vergleichbare Studiengänge für unser Unternehmen. 


Die Piccola Ma Carina Development GmbH ist ein renommiertes Projektenwicklungsunternehmen im Bereich Wohnungsbau. Mit Hauptsitz in München, direkt am Englischen Garten konzentriert sich das Unternehmen auf die Entwicklung von hochwertigen Wohnungsbauprojekten. Unser Leitmotiv "Klein aber fein" spiegelt nicht nur die Philosophie und Haltung des Unternehmens wider, sondern auch die Qualität und den Anspruch unserer Projekte. Wir setzen auf erstklassige Lagen, Bestandsgebäude von erhaltenswerter Substanz sowie gehobene Ausstattungsqualität, mit Wohnflächen von bis zu 5000 qm.


Deine Hauptaufgabe wird es sein, uns beim Aufbau und der Integration von Zertifizierungsprozessen nach DGNB (Deutsche Gesellschaft für Nachhaltiges Bauen) in unserem Unternehmen zu unterstützen. Das beinhaltet das Erstellen von Zertifizierungsunterlagen gemäß den Anforderungen des DGNB-Systems sowie die Vorbereitung und Begleitung von Workshops und Planungsterminen mit Kunden. Du wirst außerdem dafür verantwortlich sein, Anfragen strukturiert zu bearbeiten, Dokumentationen anzufertigen, Ergebnisse auszuwerten und zu präsentieren. Es besteht auch die Möglichkeit, diese Tätigkeit mit einer Master-Thesis zu verbinden.


Du solltest im Masterstudium der Fachbereiche Architektur, Bauingenieurwesen, nachhaltiges Bauen oder vergleichbaren Studiengängen eingeschrieben sein und Interesse an Nachhaltigkeit im Bauwesen und Projektentwicklung haben. Wir setzen eine strukturierte und eigenständige Arbeitsweise sowie Kommunikationsstärke und Teamfähigkeit voraus. Außerdem sind gute Kenntnisse in MS Office, insbesondere in Excel und PowerPoint, von Vorteil.

Was Du erwarten kannst

Wir bieten dir Einblicke in den Bereich Nachhaltigkeit und Zertifizierung im Bauwesen sowie die Möglichkeit zur eigenverantwortlichen Mitarbeit in einem dynamischen Team. Flexible Arbeitszeiten, die sich gut mit deinem Studium vereinbaren lassen, sind für uns selbstverständlich. Du hast außerdem die Chance, bei spannenden Projekten mitzuwirken und wertvolle Erfahrungen zu sammeln.

Wir sind ein kleines und sehr schlagkräftiges, junges Inhabergeführtes Unternehmen mit klarer Haltung. Unsere Projekte entwickeln wir mit Leidenschaft und hohem Anspruch an unsere Unternehmensziele und uns selbst. Unsere Philosophie sowie Haltung ist uns sehr wichtig, weshalb du bei uns flache Hierarchien und einstarkes Miteinander statt Konzernstrukturen finden wirst.

Wir lieben flexibles, ortsunabhängiges Arbeiten und sind offen für Neues und Veränderung. Digitalisierung, effektive Kommunikation und klar definierte Verantwortung sind für uns ein Selbstverständnis, ebenso wie eine angemessene Vergütung.

Wenn du Interesse an einer anspruchsvollen und zukunftsorientierten Tätigkeit als Werkstudent:in bei Piccola Ma Carina Development GmbH hast, freuen wir uns auf deine Bewerbung mit Lebenslauf per E-Mail an

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